b i r d y n u m n u m D e s i g n C o .

About us

Hi lovelies! I’m Kylie, the designer/maker behind birdynumnumdesignCo.

I design and create an ever-changing range of mobiles+wall art pieces for our smallest (and most adorable) humans. I’ve also recently extended my range with art prints for anywhere in the home. Being creative makes me happy!
When I’m not kid wrangling my 2 little spunks and spoiling the fur baby, you’ll find me working on 2 or 5 new designs, pottering in the garden, cruising around on my pushbike or DIY-ing something. 
Oh and I'm addicted to coffee. And instagram #yep #srsly
Oooh check out my vintage caravan reno @honey.iboughtacaravan  It's very cute and very fun. And you can hire it too! You know, if you want to ;) 



How it all began

It's no great surprise that birdynumnumDesignCo was first inspired by my babies ...I have always been creative. After my sweet baby boy arrived in 2006 I started creating special things just for his room. I loved it.
New ideas kept coming, and before long my supplies and half-baked projects began spreading all over the house. The birth of my second baby in 2010 was the catalyst for my designs becoming a product line.
A friend introduced me to the wonderful world of ETSY.com and I decided to just go for it. I listed a few things (thinking no-one would ever see any of it) and within days I had my first sale, to a Spanish girl. I was hooked.
Soon after that, I set up a dedicated studio space in my home, I got stuck in and haven’t looked back! Thank you internet (and lady in Spain), birdynumnumDesignCo is now my full time job and I couldn’t be happier!
Over the past 8 years my products have been shipped all over the world, to places as far away as Spain, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Dubai and all over Australia as well.
Keeping up with orders is challenging but I love it and I absolutely love the creative process. I think the care and attention to detail shows in each of my products, at least that's what my customers tell me!


What’s been your proudest moment?

2016 was a great year in bnn land! I was selected as a Geelong Creatives featured artist for Cotton on Body - and had my Art Prints stocked in Store for 6 weeks. It was my very first retail merchandising experience too which was amazing! I learned so much. 

I was named as a finalist in the 2015 ETSY design awards, and I also made the final four in the Home Beautify Magazine Design Unearthed competition. It was SO exciting! and such an amazing acknowledgement of the quality of my work.

I am proud of how far I’ve come from being a newby ETSY seller to now having my own online store and a presence on 2 other retail platforms. Up next - Wholesale, my next big challenge.

What’s been your most challenging moment?

Balancing family and work commitments has been challenging! Now that both my boys are at school makes things so much easier, but there are still challenges on school holidays. I have to be disciplined with my time and make sure I can switch off from my work. Which is very hard as I love it so much! Balance is the biggest challenge for me.


Behind the scenes

Many of my materials are beautiful vintage or new fabrics which are being used in a new way. To me, beautiful fabric on a skirt could make a lovely pillow or will trigger a completely new idea! I also love to use recycled packaging where possible, so your package will most likely arrive in a creatively recycled/handmade box. I would love it if you would re-cycle it again after you open it, even if it's just placed in your recycling bin :)

Our family are very big on recycling and re-purposing. Think compost, solar power, rain water storage, worm farm and a vigilant re-cycler in the form of my husband who makes sure every piece of recyclable material makes it into that bin! 

We even recycled our house. It was just 5 weeks away from demolition when we signed the contracts to have it re-located to it's new home in coastal Victoria (Australia). What an adventure, and we are feel so lucky that we were given the opportunity to save and restore this amazing old house that has become our dream home.

As for me, well my creative brain almost never stops and I see inspiration absolutely everywhere. So many things inspire me, such as interior design, nature, fashion and of course, my boys. They love helping me in my studio and are totally fascinated by the creative process.

I love that they are learning to re-use things in a new way, especially in this 'throw away' world we live in today. I often wonder what their friends are thinking when they see me using my woodsaw and cordless drill in the kitchen. "oh that's just mum making her birds, she has a shop in her computer" says Jasper (aged 8). He especially likes it when I make something in yellow because it's his ‘second favourite’ colour

My Creative Philosophy

  • birdynumnum products are designed + handmade in Barwon Heads, Australia
  • I am proud of the quality of my work and I want you to be happy with your purchase from me!
  • My focus is small run heirloom design, as opposed to mass produced throwaway products.
  • I source high quality, materials and seek to use them in new ways.
  • I use eco friendly production methods wherever possible.
  • My products are designed to outlast trends and be timeless.
  • keepin' it lovingly handmade + local since 2009.